The Digital Futures Commission Updates

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Understanding kids in the metaverse

By Sonia Livingstone and Kruakae Pothong The “metaverse” represents the next generation internet, promising richer, more immersive 3D experience and more seamless conversion of physical »

The DFC to launch Education Data Reality

By Kruakae Pothong, Ayça Atabey, Sarah Turner and Sonia Livingstone The Digital Futures Commission (DFC) is launching its ‘Education data reality: The challenges for schools »

“Playful by Design” goes to Paris!

By Kruakae Pothong and Sonia Livingstone Our “Playful by Design” principles – the primary output of the Digital Futures Commission’s applied research to realise children’s »

The promise and perils of education data

Education budgets are tied to how well a school performs, as demonstrated by data. Education data interoperability is called for to maintain institutional legitimacy and »