The Digital Futures Commission is working to put children’s interests at the centre of the design of the digital world. Its ambitious research programme is guided by a group of Commissioners with expertise in how children and digital technology intersect. Our programme of work led by Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE during the three years of the Commission will be focused on real world change for children and young people. We welcome expressions of interest in our work from all who wish to build the digital world young people deserve.

Beeban Kidron

Chair, 5Rights Foundation


“Playful by Design” goes to Paris!

By Kruakae Pothong and Sonia Livingstone Our “Playful by Design” principles – the primary output of the Digital Futures Commission’s applied research to realise children’s right to play in the digital environment – will be presented at the 72nd International Communication Association Conference (ICA) in Paris this week. So, save the date and come talk »


The promise and perils of education data

Education budgets are tied to how well a school performs, as demonstrated by data. Education data interoperability is called for to maintain institutional legitimacy and bring educational benefits. In this US study, Dr Velislava Hillman asks, what are the perils of education data for children? In 2012, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded InBloom »


Innovating in children’s best interests for a ‘fair’ digital world

By Ayça Atabey The Digital Futures Commission aims to make children’s best interests a primary consideration in the design of the digital environment. We keep a lookout for good practices and guidelines to help digital innovators embed children’s best interests in their products and services. The Age Appropriate Design Code (the Code) is the first »