Guidance for innovators

To embed children’s best interests in the design and development of digital products and services, we map existing and emerging rights-based and value-sensitive guidance. Combined with consultations with children, industry and other relevant actors, and tested through industry case studies, the outcome will be practical child rights-respecting guidance for digital innovators.


Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) has been introduced as a tool for States and businesses to systematically consider child rights in their operations. Recognising CRIA’s potential, the Digital Futures Commission examines the feasibility and benefits of CRIA in the development and provision of digital products and services. This report identifies a pathway and resources for CRIA in the digital environment.

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Designing for child rights by design

How can digital innovators and providers design for children’s rights? Sonia Livingstone and Kruakae Pothong interviewed Shuli Gilutz about the Children’s Design Guide, for the »