About the Digital Futures Commission

The Digital Futures Commission is an exciting research collaboration of unique organisations that invites innovators, policy makers, regulators, academics and civil society, to unlock digital innovation in the interests of children and young people.

We are focusing on three areas: play in a digital world, beneficial uses of education data, and guidance for innovators. Each of these work streams will be informed by the voices of children and underpinned by a research programme and outputs geared toward real world change for children.


Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) has been introduced as a tool for States and businesses to systematically consider child rights in their operations. Recognising CRIA’s potential, the Digital Futures Commission examines the feasibility and benefits of CRIA in the development and provision of digital products and services. This report identifies a pathway and resources for CRIA in the digital environment.

To begin our engagement with children and young people in reimagining their digital futures, Children and Young People’s Voices gathers children and young people’s views on what they value about the digital world and the changes they call for.

Our research agenda aims to inspire innovation in the digital environment that is consistent with children and young people’s best interests. It focuses on play in a digital world, beneficial uses of education data and guidance for innovators.

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