Play in a digital world

To understand what good looks like for children’s play in a digital world, we cut through today’s anxious confusion by integrating insights from multiple sources of expertise to synthesise the value of play in childhood. Informed by public consultation, we will then evaluate opportunities to transpose the qualities of play into digital contexts, and propose ways to enhance them. Our first report, A Panorama of Play, reviews the rich history of ideas about free play and proposes the qualities of play that matter in a digital world. Download PDF here.



Why play matters in a digital world

By Sonia Livingstone To ask afresh why children’s play matters, and to figure out how to design a better digital world, we have already taken »

Interview with Gerison Lansdown

To understand the right to play and how that manifests in the digital world, Sonia Livingstone and Kate Cowan spoke to Gerison Lansdown, an expert »