Play in a digital world

To understand what good looks like for children’s play in a digital world, we cut through today’s anxious confusion by integrating insights from multiple sources of expertise to synthesise the value of play in childhood. Informed by public consultation, we  evaluated opportunities to transpose the qualities of play into digital contexts, and have proposed ways to enhance them. The results can be found in our latest report, Playful by Design: Free play in a digital world. Download PDF here.



What is meant by “by design”?

By Sonia Livingstone and Kruakae Pothong Design and (human) values are inseparable; together, they shape human possibilities and people’s life outcomes. “Design is the human »

Why does free play matter in a digital world?

by Sonia Livingstone and Kruakae Pothong Imagine school break time. Released from lessons, the children rush outside. They run, jump, shriek. There’s talking, laughter, whispered »

The DFC Launch Event: Playful by Design

The Digital Futures Commission (DFC) has just launched ‘Playful by Design: Free play in a digital world.’ The report looks at a crucial important aspect of children’s development – free play »