The Digital Futures Commission has now concluded. Our new project is the Digital Futures for Children centre, joint with 5Rights Foundation and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Beneficial uses of education data

High hopes are held for the advances of big data, learning analytics and AI to benefit children’s education. To ensure these serve children’s interests, our review of policy and practice in combination with new school-centred user research will generate recommendations for child-rights-respecting data governance mechanisms that can unlock the potential of education data.

A Blueprint for Education Data

The Blueprint for Education Data sets out a baseline for data processing of pupil data in schools and other educational establishments.



New report finds digital classrooms flout data protection law to exploit children’s data for commercial gain

New report published today by the Digital Futures Commission uncovers how digital classrooms – including Google Classroom and ClassDojo – are failing to comply with data protection regulation and leaving school children vulnerable to commercial exploitation as a consequence. These new findings come as the Danish government has banned schools from using Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education in their Helsingør Municipality. »